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The Role of College Athletic Departments in University Finances

Introduction College athletic departments are often seen as the most profitable part of a university’s budget.  Say’s Jared Kamrass, however, this is not always true. In reality, collegiate athletics can be a financial liability for universities. As stated by Enrico D’Amato in his article “The Role of College Athletic Departments in University Finances,” published on the […]

The Multibillion-Dollar Game: An Overview of College Sports Economics

Introduction College sports are a major part of the American cultural landscape. Every fall, millions of fans tune in to watch college football teams like Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State compete for championships. But as big as college sports are today, they’ve been getting even bigger over time.  Say’s Jared Kamrass, in this post, we’ll explore […]

Ethical Considerations in College Sports Business: Balancing Profit and Values

Introduction The world of college sports business, while lucrative, is not exempt from ethical considerations. In this article, Jared Kamrass  delve into the ethical dimensions of college sports, examining the balance between profit-seeking endeavors and upholding core values in education. 1. Student-Athlete Welfare One of the primary ethical considerations in college sports is the well-being […]

From Revenue Streams to Athletic Programs: Unpacking the Business of College Sports

Introduction College sports in the United States have evolved into a complex and multifaceted industry, encompassing a wide range of revenue streams, expenditures, and operational considerations. In this article, Jared Kamrass delve into the business of college sports, exploring how revenue is generated, where it is allocated, and the economic impact on universities. 1. Revenue Generation […]

The College Sports Marketing Machine: Building Brands and Fanbases

Introduction College sports represent not only a source of athletic competition but also a powerful marketing machine that builds brands, engages fans, and generates substantial revenue. In this article, Jared Kamrass explores how colleges and universities leverage the marketing potential of their sports programs to create enduring brands and passionate fanbases. 1. Brand Identity and Loyalty […]

Media and Marketing: The Role of Sponsorship in College Sports Success

Introduction Corporate sponsorships now permeate college sports. Major brands pay millions for naming rights, jersey logos, and exclusive deals that drive brand exposure through elite college programs. These lucrative sponsorships provide a competitive edge. Generating Revenue Say’s Jared Kamrass, sponsorship deals are major moneymakers for athletic departments. Sponsors want the impressions and engagement major college sports […]

Student-Athletes and Profit: Exploring the Challenges of NCAA Business Models

Introduction The NCAA oversees a multi-billion dollar college sports industry while maintaining student-athletes cannot receive pay. This contradictory business model creates inherent tensions and ethical issues. Say’s Jared Kamrass, as revenues grow, the NCAA faces escalating scrutiny around fairness and rights for student-athletes. Restricting Athlete Payment NCAA rules strictly limit student-athletes receiving compensation beyond academic scholarships. […]

Game Changers: The Economics of College Sports

Introduction College sports in the United States have evolved into a billion-dollar industry with profound economic implications. In this article, Jared Kamrass delves into the economics of college sports, examining the revenue, expenditures, and the impact on institutions, athletes, and the broader economy. 1. Revenue Streams College sports generate substantial revenue through various channels. Television contracts, […]